It begins with small British farms...

Having grown up on the family sheep farm I have a passion for great British lamb, hogget and mutton.  The meats are versatile, healthy and often raised to higher animal welfare standards than other animals (being largely grass fed/outdoor reared and free of hormones).  Growing up on the farm we also had a keen sense of eating with the seasons and making use of the great produce we had available on our doorstep

Our mission is to bring great British lamb, hogget and mutton to a wider audience and to champion all the associated products, such as sheep’s milk cheeses, ice cream and butter. 

While meat is definitely on the menu, we also want to show how small British farms are producing fantastic fruit and vegetables, some of which you wouldn’t expect (Essex grown quinoa and lentils from Suffolk) and why eating as locally and seasonally as possible is a great thing to do

Brought to East London...

I now live in Stepney and the food culture in this corner of London was how my wife lured me to live here.  I love the broad range of food you can eat, whether wandering the market stalls of Brick Lane and Broadway Market or visiting great restaurants like Brawn on Colombia road or local institutions like Lahore Kebab house

However, one thing I've always felt was missing was somewhere that championed lamb, hogget and mutton - so that's what we're trying to do

Currently this is in the form of supper clubs and pop up events but we're also searching for a permanent home

And rooted in that local community

We're aiming to be a positive contributor to the local community, working with charities, other social enterprises and local suppliers

  • Pay the London living wage
  • Shoreditch trust through it's Blue Marble training scheme, providing employment for people who are experiencing challenging circumstances in their lives
  • Stepney City Farm, location for our pop up events so far and providing fresh produce grown on the farm


John Fidoe

Founder, Big Field